Raised in Brooklyn. Collected books about animals and distant places. Weekends hiking upstate New York, a summer building trails in the Rockies. Gap year teaching skiing in Crested Butte. Long hair phase. Studied at Brown. An international relations degree. Cared for gibbons in Southern California. Moved to San Francisco during the boom. Worked in PR. Never got stock options. Backpacked a year across Asia. Invented a dessert sushi in Laos, now immortalized in Lonely Planet. Professional journalism began. Embedded with anti-immigration vigilantes on Mexican border and Afghanistan-bound Marines in Nevada mountains. Covered the 2008 U.S. election from Obama's Kenyan homestead. Lived for a month on world's remotest inhabited island, and a month aboard a Norwegian research vessel drifting in Arctic sea ice. Reported stories from all seven continents for The New York Times, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Disability Rights Fund, and WWF.  Staying curious.